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Hotel Basant Residency
No.3, 4th Main Road,Opp. Jain Temple, Gandhinagar
Bangalore - 560009

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Hotel Basant Residency, the three star Business class hotel, located just 1/2 kms from the central railway station and the main bus terminal that you as a traveler will find very convenient and our plush and spacious suites and cozy double rooms with a luxurious ambience are to be lived. We have 44 double rooms and 06 suites with three star comforts. We provide superior hospitality and tasty cuisine to make your stay more delightful. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail and personalized service has ensured a loyal guest list and worldwide acclaim. 70 mm family bar and restaurant, which by itself is a magnificent setting on the rooftop, serving variety of cocktails along with authentic Andhra food and other delicacies, cooked from the Cine display kitchen. Amruta, the multi specialty vegetarian restaurant makes your stay unforgettable. After the successful launch of Hotel Basant Residency by Multi National Company for 3 years, the management is head by our own corporate body. The Managing Director Mr. Basant Kumar Patil, who also ventured into other business like Finance, Films, Productions, Distribution, Construction and leasing of Software Parks to Multi National Companies etc. The Hotel is located 1/2 kms away from central railway station and the main bus terminal. And just 9 kms from Bangalore Airport, The Hotel is situated at the prime business hub of Bangalore where all major wholesale business like textiles, precious metals like gold, silver, diamonds, Film Distribution and Banking Sectors are situated. The next door to the Hotel is the Jain Temple where the spiritual seeker in you will be drawn to pray or meditate, content in the belief of an equally blissful stay with us. For those in the tough, make-or-break business world, Hotel Basant Residency would be the ideal uncommon hotel. Economical, clean, relaxing in a location that is the business district itself. The Hotel has been classified into star category in the year 2003 by Indian Tourism, Government of India and is running successfully from past 4 years with an average of 85% occupancy every year. We are also a member of FHRAI and SIHRA. We have 44 Double Rooms and 6 Executive Suites. Every room is spacious and has cable TV and Telephone facilities with 24 hours room service. You even do not have to worry about checkout timings. We allow 24 hours check out facility. Amruta : The day starts with the morning buffet breakfast which is laid for all the in house guests as well as for the walk-in guest, serving South Indian, North Indian, bit of continental breakfast to all on the house to the residing guest. The one who really think of healthy and hygienic concept, Amruta is the right choice. Amruta serves apart from the Main North Karnataka Cuisine, the Chinese, Tandoori, North Indian, South Indian. The Authentic recipes from the North Karnataka area, its rich taste and excellent colour combination appeals the eye and the taste buds alike. The recipes were directly taken from the homes of the region. A host of exotic specialties from Bijapur like karebele, yeserbele, gorekai, jhunka and jowar roti are some of the very traditional cuisines on the menu list. The regular Thali - if you prefer, then it can be served on a leaf (the true south Indian style) - is a feast of the earthy flavours of the northern regions of this state. You begin with a small pile of fresh veggies; even the baby cucumbers come from Bijapur and some scallions. Then a couple of green chillies fried in oil. On the table are the chutneys, wet and dry, which the region is famous for. One bite and you feel the warm, soft jowar rotis - which takes much skill to make - will require no other accompaniment. But more food arrives, a simple lentil, green vegetable, fabulously simple brinjal chutney and the only nod to some richness, enne badenakayi. You can have a hard, crisp roti instead of the soft, though that is an acquired taste. And then a sweet obbattu stuffed with peanuts and jaggery will be served on Sundays. This is only a sweet interlude. Rice follows with a thin sambar and pungent rasam. There are curds and a glass of perfectly spiced buttermilk. And then bananas and supari. After this you may want to find a neem tree by a jowar field, get yourself a rustic bed and snooze in the sunshine.. 70 MM Family Bar and Restaurant : It is a magnificent setting on the rooftop. It is set up on a concept, where we get a chance to see the food, in which way it is cooked and served The Main attraction is the authentic Andhra Cuisine serving variety of Andhra style dishes like Natii Chicken, Guntur Chicken, Natti Pulusu, Gongura Chicken etc., along with other Chinese, North Indian, Tandoori dishes which is cooked from the Cine display kitchen. The Chef special dishes like Brain Fry, 70 MM Special, Mutton Paya soup, Kebab Platter etc., which vary on each day based on the different dishes which is not commonly available in any other restaurants. Biggest elevated Bar where Variety of cocktails, like Pink lady, Blady Merry, Whisky sour, Screwdriver, Gimlet, Brandy Alexander etc., are served which makes you feel the actual filmi theme reminding Devdas about his Paru - Cheers. Board Room - Conferencing facility for 50 pax. U Shape - 35 pax, Theatre Style - 50 pax, Class Room Style - 35 pax. 2. Personal Discussion Room (P.D.R) - Capacity - 10-15 pax. 3. Travel Desk - Take care of your travel at your convenience. 4. Safe Deposit Lockers. 5. 70 MM Family Bar and Restaurant serving Authentic Andhra Cuisine. 6. Amruta - Multispeciality Veg Restaurant. 7. Convenient and Secure Parking Lot. Everyone has a different reason to love Bangalore. Legend goes that King Veeraballa of Vijayanagara once lost his way in forest. Hungry and tired, he came upon a lone hut in the thick forest where he met an old woman.When he asked for food, she gave him baked beans (Benda Kalu in Karnataka).The King found this humble meal taste better than the richest fare.To commemorate this incident, he called the place "Benda Kalu Ooru"(place of baked beans). Bangalore today is getting popular though for a different variety of Beans-JavaBeans. Capital of the Southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore today is Asias fastest growing cosmopolitan city. It is home to some of the most high tech industries in India. The I.T industry views Bangalore as the byte-basket of India. Bangalore is also home to some of Indias premier scientific establishments. Blessed with a salubrious climate, gardens and parks, natural lakes, architectural landmarks, shopping malls, the best restaurants and pubs in this part of the globe, business opportunities, Bangalore is the ideal gateway to India and beyond. Bangalore offers something for everyone-music and dance concerts (Western and Indian), dramas, exhibitions, carnivals, conferences and more. Go disco-hopping or pub-crawling, shop till your feet give away,relax in the swankiest restaurants or with your favourite movie stars-in the movie hall or simply tee off to glory. Welcome to Bangalore. Local sights The Bangalore Palace and Fort The Bangalore Fort was built by Kempe Gowda and expanded by Tippu Sultan. Within its walls is the well preserved 16th century Ganapathi Temple. The Bangalore Palace was built by a Wodeyar king in 1887. Inspired by the Windsor castle, this palace was built in the Tudor style, complete with Gothic windows, foiled windows, battlements and turrets resembling the Daria Daulat Palace in Srirangapatanam, this summer palace has been constructed largely of wood and is famous for its carving and paintings. Lal Bagh Hyder Ali laid out this famous botanical garden and his son added horticultural wealth to them by importing trees and plants from several countries. The garden today houses over 1000 species of flora which include rare and enchanting collection of tropical plants, trees and herbs. The Glass House, modelled along Londons Crystal Palace, is the center of attraction in this 2400 acre park. Bi-annual flower shows attracting participants from all over India is held in the Glass House. In July, 2003 it was decded that the Department of Horticulture and Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) would jointly take up the development of Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens. Cubbon Park This wooded and beflowered park was laid out in the heart of the cantonment in 1864. Since then, fairy fountains, an august bandstand and a wealth of atatury have been added. But the most important aspect of Cubbon Park is its newer buildings that have added beauty and cultural wealth. Lush green lawns, shady flowering trees, vibrant flower beds, make Cubbon park an ideal place for morning joggers and alike. Also in the Cubbon Park are the Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, which houses the public library, the High Court and the Jawahar Bal Bhavan. The Bhavan, with its toy train, fairgrounds and theatre, is a recreational, hobby and educational centre for children. Government Museum One of the important buildings, the Government Museum is one of the oldest in India(1886). A special attraction here are the antiquities from Mohenjodaro period. Situated nearby the museum is Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum named after the great engineer-statesman . ISKCON Situated on Chord Road, it is a must visit temple in Bangalore. It stands over a small hill and is a very clean and well maintained temple. The Bull Temple This temple, built by Kempe Gowda, houses the magnificent stone statue of the sacred bull, Nandi. It stands over 15 feet tall and is over 20 feet long . In Nov/Dec every year, when the groundnuts have been harvested, a groundnut fair is held near the temple. The first groundnuts are offered by the farmers to the sacred bull. The Gangadhareshware Temple Known for its four monolithic pillars and rare idol of Agni, the God of fire,this temple was built by Kempe Gowda. A unique phenomena is witnessed here on Jan 13/14th every year when the rays of the setting sun enter through the window, pass between the horns of the Nandi and shine on the Shivalingam. The Dharmaraja Temple Located at Nazarethpet in the suburbs of Bangalore, this temple is the starting point of the annual Karaga procession. The revered idols of this temple are the Shri Dharmaraja Swamy, hero of the Mahabharata and Lord Krishna. Dargah Hazarath Tawakkal Mastan This Muslim shrine,located in Cottonpet, a suburban locality, is associated with the Hindu Karaga festival too. The procession annually visits the Dargah of this Sufi saint, Tawakkal Mastan. His tomb attracts both Muslim and non-Muslim pilgrims. Jumma Masjid The Jumma Masjid is probably the oldest mosque in the city. It is an imposing structure with tall ornamented granite pillars adorning the elevated prayer hall. Scores of devote Muslim worshippers throng this masjid during the annual festivals of the Muslims. It is located in the busy market area of Bangalore, K.R.Market. Ravindra Kalakshetra The Kalakshetra, built to commemorate Rabindranath Tagores centenary, promotes cultural activity in the city. It has a superb theatre and houses the Cultural Akademi Offices. Next to it is the Gothic styled Puttannachetty Town Hall whose huge auditorium can easily accommodate over 1500 persons. St. Marys Church Established by a French missionary Abbe Dubois in 1811, St.Marys church is the only church in Karnataka state to be elevated to the status of a minor Basilica. Every September, The Virgin Marys festival is celebrated with a procession that attracts people of all faiths. The church is situated near the Shivaji Nagar Bus Terminal. Indian Institute Of Science (IISc) Also known as the Tata Institute, is one of the countrys finest research institutions, specializing in advanced science and engineering studies. Gandhi Bhavan The Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, housed in the Gandhi Bhavan, houses a comprehensive picture gallery and other exhibits of Gandhiji which depict the life and times of Gandhiji. The Bhavan is open on weekdays(10:30 Am to 5:00 PM). Ulsoor lake A picturesque lake with several tree-shaded islands in it, is an ideal picnic spot. You can go boating or go for a swim in the nearby swimming pool that is part of the recreational complex near the lake. You can also go to the nearby Gurdhwar, the largest Sikh shrine in Bangalore. Vidhana Soudha This splendid neo-Dravidian granite building that dominates the northern boundary of the Cubbon park, is the home of the State Legislature and the Secretariat. The massive sandalwood door of the Cabinet room is a spectacular feature of this imposing building. The Vidhana Soudha is bedecked in illuminated glory during special periods and is a sight worth viewing. The building is open for visitors only after 3 PM. The Bangalore Race Course The Bangalore Race Course is one of the finest in India, with racing events almost all year round (May to June and Nov to Mar). Some of the biggest field stakes in the country can be witnessed here. Around Bangalore Several places of tourist interest are located within easy each from Bangalore. Distance shown in brackets is from Bangalore. Bannerghatta National Park (22 Km) Those interested in natural history can go to Bannerghatta. The park situated in picturesque surrounding has a wide variety of fauna. Among the attractions are crocodiles, picnic corner, serpentarium and pets corner, lions safari. On Dec 25, 2001 the govt announced plans of starting a butterfly park in Bannerghatta (Area: 12 acres, Cost: Rs 3.62 crores) Tipus Palace Built in 1791, this beautiful two-storeyed ornate wooden structure with exquisitely carved pillars, arches and balconies was one of Tipus favourite summer retreats. Hesaragatta 25 Kms away, Hesaragatta is an interesting picnic spot offering water sports to the adventurous. Boating and wind-surfing is the major attraction. It also has a dairy and horticulture farm where you can picnic. Ramohalli Ramohalli, located 28 Kms west is a popular picnic spot. A major attraction at Ramohalli is the 400 year old giant Banyan tree which sprawls over an incredible 3 acres. Muthyalamaduvu Also known as the Pearl Valley, Muthyalamaduvu is 40 Kms away. The beautiful cascading water falls surrounded by verdant settings provide an ideal picnic getaway. Ramanagaram Rock-climbers and adventure seekers need look no further. 49 Kms southwest from Bangalore, Ramanagaram, provides the ideal location with landscaped rock faces. Another major attraction at Ramanagaram is the silk cocoon-marketing centre. One of the most famous Hindi movies Sholay was shot in Ramanagaram. Nandi Hills One of the popular retreats of Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore, Nandi Hills offers breathtaking getaway of the weary tourist. Tipus Drop, a 600m high cliff face provides a magnificent panoramic view of the beautiful terrain. Nandi Hills is 60 Kms north of Bangalore. Essentials Getting Here Bangalore is well connected by air, rail and road to all the major cities such as Delhi, Madras, Bombay, Calcutta and to most other important cities and towns. There are regular train services from Madras(4 trains per day), Mysore(7 trains per day), Calcutta(weekly twice), New Delhi(1 service daily). Bangalore Airport is used for both domestic and international flights. Shopping Shopping is a delightful experience in Bangalore. Youll find some of the most exquisite silks here. You can also take home handicrafts in sandalwood and rose wood, available in state-owned emporia and private stores. For gold and jewellery, you can visit the quaint Jewellers Street. Some of the favourite shopping haunts are M.G.Road, Brigade Road, Residency Road and Commercial Street. Bargain hunters tend to favour K.G.Road, Malleswaram and Shivajinagar. The main shopping areas of Bangalore are: Brigade Road Commercial Street M.G. Road Residency Road Some of the popular Shopping Centres at Bangalore are: Forum Bangalore Central Safina Plaza

Services available at Hotel Basant Residency are

Business CentreInternetTravel Desk
Bar24 Hrs Coffee ShopLaundry
ValetDoctor on CallSafe
STD/ISD PhoneCredit Cards AcceptedBreakfast
Cable TelevisionCar Rental DeskFax
Free NewspaperTV Remote Control 

Hotel Basant Residency has multi-cuisine restaurant that serves

Continental, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, South Indian, Tandoor, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Jain Food

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